Ekim Software (http://www.ekimsoftware.com) is shipping BuildMate
1.1, an update of the free, cross-platform build process automation
tool for REALbasic projects. The upgrade adds the ability to copy
framework files into the application automatically.

It also offers greater control over Plist files in the built
application. Version 1.1 also builds correctly, even if the project
is already open in REALbasic.

BuildMate allows you to set properties and constants in a project
with static and dynamic values from the build configuration file,
moving the resulting built applications to a builds directory. Many
different situations, like running a schedule to perform nightly
builds to reducing a complicated build process down to a single
command, can benefit from the use of BuildMate, therefore saving
developers a lot of time, according to the folks at Ekim.

The app lets you: build multiple projects from a single configuration
file; set constant and property values before building; copy resource
files into your built application package; replace the Info.plist
file with your own in a Mac built; and move built applications into a
builds direction when complete. It offers cross-platform
configuration files, and the build can be fully automated.