24x7digital has released PhotoCopy 1.0
(http://www.24x7digital.com/photocopy), an iPhoto to Flickr mirroring
utility for Mac OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”). The app is designed
specifically to help protect media assets.

You select which iPhoto albums to share, and let PhotoCopy do the
rest. It uploads all of the photos in the selected album(s) to Flickr
and arranges them in matching sets. PhotoCopy also copies important
image information from iPhoto, such as title, date, time, rating,
keywords and description.

One of PhotoCopy’s features is its ability to mirror selected iPhoto
albums to Flickr sets. It compares the current iPhoto library with
the users Flickr account and figures out what changes to make and
ensures they both match. Whatever is done to an album in iPhoto,
whether adding, deleting, reordering, or editing images, PhotoCopy
will make the same changes to the matching Flickr set automatically.

With PhotoCopy’s ability to mirror files, users don’t have to log-in
and maintain their Flickr account manually. The app is Universal
Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. It works with
iPhoto 6/7.

PhotoCopy 1.0 costs US$20. However, until the end of October,
24x7digital is offering PhotoCopy 1.0 at 25 percent off ($15) to
first-time customers. Simply enter coupon code PRMAC at checkout to
redeem. A full-featured demo is available for download. The
unregistered application is limited in that all uploaded images will
include a watermark, and movies in a iPhoto library can’t be uploaded.