99Games has released Chess (http://www.99games.in/pressroom.html) for
the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s available in a “lite” (US$0.99) and
“pro” ($3.99) version at the Apple App Store.

Here’s how the games are described: “Chess Lite is for beginners and
those players who want to hone their chess skills by learning a few
tricks and Chess rules. This edition contains medium level
complexity, a 2D theme and a demo game played by the iPhone, thus
grooming the user to becoming a pro player.

“Chess Pro is for seasoned Chess players who know the rules of the
game and want to be challenged with three levels of complexity and
three variants such as Regular, Suicide and Losers. This edition has
the option to choose 3D themes for the coins and boards.

“Both editions make use of a professional strength Chess engine with
playing strength over 2750 ELO. Intuitive controls make the
user-experience a lot more electrifying thus gripping the user to the
game totally! Highlighting previous move, next move and legal move
hints are user-friendly; while options like save, load and resume
allows users to play the game on-the-go or during their spare time.”