DAZ has introduced version 4 of Michael
(http://www.daz3d.com/i/3d_models/overview?_m=d”), its 3D male. It’s
derived from high-resolution real-life human photography and body
scans that are combined with the fourth generation unimesh and
improved rigging and body contours.

Built to use the same add-on technology as his counterpart Victoria
4, Michael 4 allows characters of different proportions and shapes to
be loaded, morphed and mixed, providing a platform for character
generation. Michael 4 comes complete with multiple head shapes to
alter age, weight and ethnicity characteristics, along with skin
texture maps showcasing enhanced irregularities such as pores,
freckles, veins and muscle striations. The added utilization of DAZ
3D’s new high-end Character Setup Tools grant Michael 4 more
realistic joint movement while eliminating distortion in each pose,
says DAZ 3D’s president and co-founder, Dan Farr.

Available free of charge for all registered DAZ 3D users, Michael 4
is now available for electronic download. Corresponding product
bundles range in price from US$34.97 (regular price $49.95) to $59.97
(regular price $99.95) and contain a variety of clothing, hairstyles,
skins, heads and body shapes.