IntelliScanner Corp. has introduced the US$129 Comic Edition
(, a solution for
organizing comic and media collections automatically. Comic Edition’s
IntelliScanner barcode reader and included comic management software
provide details on each comic using an Internet-enabled database and
AutoFill technology.

Available for both the Mac and PC, it also includes several bonus
features for managing media, searching collections on an iPhone and
sharing collections online. It sports a database of over 250,000

The database automatically downloads detailed information on each
comic, including the title, date, writer, penciller, inker, editor
and a picture of the comic book cover. Database access is free to all
Comic Edition users with no subscriptions or renewals required.

Comic Edition bundles IntelliScanner’s USB barcode reader and comic
database software. Users can scan the barcode from a printable comic
tag to pull up comic records, add notes, or complete an inventory to
make sure nothing’s missing. In addition, the IntelliScanner barcode
reader lets you search and edit fields, build a batch of favorite
comics, and even organize movies, books, music, and games with add-on

Comic Edition’s included iPhone web application allows users to
search, browse and access their comic collections from anywhere.
Users can also create their own personal web sites to view and share
their collections with, a free online account
powered by Web 2.0 technology. In addition, Comic Edition includes
instant access to web-based daily comics and media software for
organizing books, CDs, DVDs and video games. When used with the
included IntelliScanner barcode reader, the media software
automatically provides detailed information, like the title or
release date, on any media item.

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