The “most advanced storage connectivity technology in the market
today” will be demonstrated by ATTO Technology
( at the Storage Networking World trade show
this week. The company will demo its Celerity quad-channel 8-Gb Fibre
Channel host adapters, ExpressSAS 6-Gb SAS/SATA host adapters, and
the FastStream SC 8500 8-Gb RAID storage controller.

Described at the only quad-channel 8-Gb host adapter in the market,
the Celerity FC host adapter purportedly provides the highest Fibre
Channel throughput, 1600 MB/seconc per port, through eight lanes of
PCIe 2.0 bus interface bandwidth. Also available in single- and
dual-channel, Celerity host adapters include both target and
initiator drivers for integration into workstations or storage

Celerity Fibre Channel host adapters combine ATTO’s proprietary
technology, management software and technical support.

ATTO has also expanded its SAS and SATA offerings with its ExpressSAS
6-Gb SAS/SATA host adapters. The company says it’s the only one to
provide 6-Gb SAS/SATA host interface connectivity to storage. ATTO
offers six models featuring initiator and target drivers and various
combinations of internal and external connections.

The 8-Gb Fibre Channel to SAS/SATA independent storage controller,
the ATTO FastStream SC 8500 allows you to build a Storage Area
Network (SAN) using previously direct-attached SAS/SATA storage and
add the highest levels of RAID protection while maintaining
performance levels.