As the U.S. Federal Government is busy managing a $700 billion
bailout for Wall Street, Marketcircle Inc. has decided to give Main
Street America’s Mac freelancers and small businesses a break – 20
bucks at a time – by lowering the price on Billings 3 time tracking
and invoicing software from US$59.95 to US$39.95 for a seven week
period. A Billings 3 upgrade for Billings 2.x users is also on sale
now for US$25 instead of US$35. Marketcircle’s Billings 3 “Give Main
Street A Break Sale” extends until Nov. 30th, 2008.

“While Wall Street’s needs are being attended to, we believe Main
Street’s Mac freelancer and small business community deserves a break
as well,” says Marketcircle’s CEO Alykhan Jetha. “Billings 3 sales so
far have been fantastic, and to say thank-you the Billings 3 “Give
Main Street A Break Sale” puts 20 bucks back into the pockets of Main
Street entrepreneurs at a time we think it really matters. We
recognize the fact that existing small business owners in the United
States are facing challenges, and also that layoffs in large
corporations are creating a rising population of freelancers – all of
these people deserve the productivity advantages of Billings 3.”

Released to the market Sept. 18th with a best-in-class interface and
30 professionally designed templates, Billings 3 offers major new
features that complement its “five minutes to your first professional
invoice” promise. A free 21-day trial is offered at

Other key features in Billings 3 include instant overdue invoice
notification, the ability to consolidate and send invoices for
multiple projects or send recurring invoices, time tracking with a
convenient menu-bar timer available from any application, and 17 new
reports including “billed and collected”, “unpaid invoices”,
“expenses tax report”, “retainer balances”, and “activity by client”.

Billings 3 is available immediately from Marketcircle and requires
Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger), 10.5.3 (Leopard) or higher. Billings 3 is
on sale until Nov. 30th, 2008, for US$39.95 (international pricing
applies). The cut-rate for a Billings 3 upgrade, during this same
time period, for Billings 2.x users is US$25.