Boris FX ( has released the Boris Continuum
Lens Flare Unit. OpenGL-accelerated Lens Flare filters draw their
real-time performance from your computer’s graphics card.

The new simulates a lens flare — streaks and spots of light on film
caused by light bouncing inside a camera lens. You can composite the
lens flare over a source image or generate a completely synthetic
image. A range of preset lens flares is included for quick
application or as a starting point for a custom effect. You can use
the lens flare filters to produce a variety of creative effects.

Boris Continuum Len Flare can track a camera pan in the source
footage, producing a more natural flare animation to match the
original in-camera effect, according to the folks at Boris FX. The
Boris Continuum Lens Flare includes Lens Flare and Lens Flare
Advanced. Lens Flare is streamlined for when you want to create a
simple effect. Lens Flare Advanced provides more options for
controlling the effect. You can buy both for US$99. Len Flare is
available for Mac or Windows systems.