65bit Software (http://www.65bit.com) has announced that their
products will be available for InDesign CS4 when it begins shipping
later this year. The latest EasyCatalog module, the Relational
Module, will also be available for InDesign CS4.

The Relational Module allows users to work with data sources of
almost unlimited complexity within EasyCatalog and can be used to
connect to relational databases such as MySQL or Microsoft SQL
Server, says Mark Haden, Director of 65bit Software.

EasyCatalog provides two-way, linking of data from a CSV file, XML
structure or ODBC database to text or images in InDesign documents.
If the source data changes — such as last-minute price updates —
all fields in the document can be updated automatically.

EasyCatalog also offers semi-automatic and automatic creation (using
the optional Pagination Module) of structured documents. EasyCatalog
is available for InDesign CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4. The CS2, CS3 and CS4
versions are localized in English, French and German.

EasyCatalog, EasyHistory, MultiDo and Reveal will all be available
for download from the 65bit Software web site when InDesign starts
shipping. An upgrade fee applies to upgrade EasyCatalog (and optional
modules) to the CS4 version. Detailed upgrade pricing information can
be found on the EasyCatalog web site. EasyHistory can be upgraded
free of charge; MultiDo and Reveal are free plug-ins.