XChange International (http://www.xchangeuk.com) has released
ProScale and Xcatalog XTensions for QuarkXPress 8. Xcatalog is a free
update for Xcatalog 6/7 users. Users can upgrade to ProScale for
QuarkXPress 8 for US$94 and will receive versions compatible with
QuarkXPress 7 and QuarkXPress 8.

ProScale offers users the ability to resize items, groups or entire
documents with a single click. Users can intelligently scale page
elements disproportionately without distorting text and graphics and
the XTension includes advanced text and column fitting tools along
with a “fit-to” function. A visual drag scaling tool works with the
Quark measurements palette, as well. Users have control over every
aspect of what gets scaled including guides, gutters, shadows, etc.
ProScale also scales native elements such as tables, web items and
anchored groups.

Xcatalog provides an “open system,” database-neutral linking scheme
between databases and QuarkXPress documents, automating the
publication of documents ranging from single-page advertising flyers
to 1,000-plus page industrial products catalogues, and involving from
a few dozen to 100,000-plus data records.