Thanks to Apple’s multi-million dollar advertising campaign, a record
number of small businesses are tossing their PCs and switching to
Macs. According to Jason R. Rich
(, the author of Mac
Migration: The Small Business Guide to Switching to the Mac
Entrepreneur Press (, October
2008), the reasons to make the move can be credited to more than just

Rich comments, “For years, Apple was known for offering computers
useful to students and to creative people who dealt with graphics,
animation, music and images. But now, due to their ever-growing
lineup of popular business-oriented applications and their focus on
compatibility, Apple’s Mac computers are now in high demand by
business people working in all jobs and industries.”

Hot, business-friendly applications and compatibility are just two of
the many reasons small to mid-sized businesses are considering the
Mac. Rich identifies a few more deal breakers for those who’ve
decided to part ways with their PC.

1. Free, Fast File Transfer From Apple

If you buy your Mac from an Apple Store, you can bring your PC into
the store and have a certified Apple Genius (a Mac Specialist)
transfer all of your files and data from your old PC to your Mac. In
most situations, this is a free service and can be completed within
one business day (providing an appointment is scheduled).

2. Mac OS X Leopard-More Intuitive, Crashes Less, Runs Faster

Unlike Windows Vista (which has four separate editions: Basic, Home
Premium, Business and Ultimate), there is only one current edition of
the Mac OS X Leopard operating system, and it comes preloaded with
all new Mac computers. When you combine the capabilities of this
operating system with the other software applications you ultimately
install onto your Mac, chances are, all of your computing needs will
be met.

3. Unlike PCs, Macs Aren’t Plagued By Viruses and Spyware Downloads
The likelihood of a Mac user getting a virus is slim to none. Here’s

— Newer Mac operating systems, such as the Mac OS X, are built on
UNIX kernel, one of the oldest and most secure operating systems

— Microsoft Windows has a larger share of the market. Because more
users use Microsoft Windows, it is a more attractive target for

— Most virus writers are familiar with the IBM platform and
Microsoft Windows, and therefore are only going to be able to create
a virus for that platform.

— Many of the tools and scripts used to help hackers create viruses
or other malware are designed specifically for Microsoft Windows.

4. Hundreds of Business Applications to Choose From

There are a variety of applications that come bundled with a new Mac
such as Address Book and iCal. The iLife, iWork, and Microsoft Office
suites of software are all useful to business professionals for
handling common tasks like word processing, spreadsheets,
presentations and editing and view graphics. In addition to these
popular applications, Rich identifies 14 more “must-have”
business-oriented applications in his book, Mac Migration
( Mac
users can access a variety of applications, most available for free
30-day trials, at

5. Apple Support-Accessible, Knowledgeable and, Actually, Helpful

After the initial 90 day’s worth of free technical support (plus
one-year hardware warranty), regardless of where you buy your Mac or
which system you buy, you can purchase one of several support plans.
All support plans offer access to English-speaking, friendly, and
knowledgeable Mac experts. This is something that PC manufacturers
don’t offer.

Jason R. Rich ( is the
bestselling author of more than 37 books that cover a wide range of
topics, including computers, eCommerce, personal finance,
career-related topics, travel and entertainment. He also contributes
regularly to major daily newspapers, including the New York Daily
News, as well as national magazines and popular websites.

Mac Migration: The Small Business Guide to Switching to the Mac
( explains
how current PC users can easily migrate to a Mac-based computer,
transfer their data, and stay fully compatible with their office
network. Written primarily for business people and entrepreneurs,
this new book is easy-to-understand and walks non-technologically
savvy people through the process of buying a Mac, setting it up,
installing software, and transferring data from their old PC.

This book is available at all major bookstores and online
booksellers. Review copies are available upon request.

Mac Migration
Entrepreneur Press
ISBN 13: 9781599182711
ISBN 10: 1599182718