LateNiteSoft has updated Xslimmer (, an anti-bloat utility application, to version 1.7.9. It’s a maintenance release that fixes a rare bug whereby some apps could not be slimmed even though they were detected as slimmable.

In addition to the built-in backup mechanism, the downloadable blacklist or the personal exclusion list, Xslimmer takes special care to observe Mac OS X technologies in depth, according to the folks at LateNiteSoftware. This means that slimmed apps won’t have their signatures invalidated, will keep their keychain authorizations and will be registered in the system databases so other components are made aware of the changes and no reboots are needed after the process.

Xslimmer costs US$14.95; version 1.7.9 is a free update for registered users. It requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher.