.com Solutions has updated FmPro Script Diff
to version 1.27. The app’s new control flow view includes support for
IF/ELSE/END IF/LOOP/END LOOP statements, graphically showing the
statements included within each control flow structure.

FileMaker Pro developers can use the graphical control flow feature
to instantly see the structure of their code at a glance. Even with
deeply nested code, they can quickly understand the structure,
according to the folks at .com Solutions. These marked up scripts can
be printed or copied onto the clipboard as RTF text for pasting into
word processing documents. The RTF format preserves the bold, italic,
underline and colorized error text of each script.

Changed scripts are compared by FmPro Script Diff on a line-by-line
basis and displayed with color coded tags to the left of each
modified line. Interline changes are also highlighted to indicate
Changed, Added or Deleted text. Each script’s XML source can be
manually edited or updated via the Search & Replace feature, and
pasted back into FileMaker.

Transferring scripts between FileMaker Pro 9 and FmPro Script Diff is
accomplished by copying and pasting the scripts via the clipboard. No
DDR Export is required. The XML code representing each script is
parsed, converted to human-readable text and checked for errors. Each
script is stored in an embedded database within FmPro Script Diff.
Selected scripts can then be copied back onto the clipboard as XML
for pasting back into FileMaker Pro.

FmPro Script Diff is priced at US$100 per developer and includes a
copy of FmPro Script Diff for both Mac OS X (Universal Binary) and
Windows platforms. Existing FmPro Script Diff customers may upgrade
to FmPro Script Diff 1.27 at no charge. The single-user licensing
includes a copy of FmPro Script Diff for both Mac OS X (Universal
Binary) and Windows platforms.