Aleratec ( has launched its new Aleratec
RoboJet AutoPrinter 100, a robotic BD/DVD/CD disc printer that prints
custom inkjet labels directly on each disc in color. It ‘s fully
automatic and can print up to 100 BDs/DVDs/CDs virtually unattended.

The RoboJet AutoPrinter 100 uses standard HP ink cartridges and
features HPs PhotoREt color-layering technology. It sports a
transparent protective door that allows viewing of it in operation.
The Aleratec RoboJet AutoPrinter users USB 2.0 connectivity.

A key feature of the Aleratec RoboJet AutoPrinter 100 is the disc
handling robotics are a part of the printer. There are no external
moving robotic arms or disc handling apparatus. Blank discs are
loaded in the top the printer and finished discs eject automatically
from the printer tray. The RoboJet has a footprint no larger than a
manual inkjet disc printer and it has a 100 disc capacity.

The Aleratec RoboJet AutoPrinter 100 inkjet disc printing system has
an estimated retail price of $2,099. For best results in maximizing
superior print quality with bright, vibrant colors, Aleratec
HydroGuard Duplicator Grade media is recommended for its quick drying
smear, smudge, and water resistant disc surface with glossy uniform
whiteness from hub to outer edge.