EastWest has released the Chris Hein Horns Vol. 1.5 Solo Instruments
collection. Based on the NI Kontakt Player 2, the collection delivers
a package of four solo instruments — Alto-Sax, Tenor-Sax, Trumpet,
Trombone and an additional Trumpet-Section.

The US$399.95 collection features nearly 18,000 samples totaling
2.8GB At approximately 4,000 samples per instrument, the composer and
performer now have the ability to sculpt the emotional content of a
recording through the employment of up to 38 different playing
techniques, all within one program, according to Doug Rogers, founder
and CEO of EastWest. Performance nuance is further enhanced by up to
20 velocities per note combined with a choice of up to 189 variations
per note, yielding an enormous range of tone and inflection, he adds

Seventy-two control features are available with a new interface with
11 edit-pages and six DSP EFX and 21 high-class convolution reverb
programs. New control features include Key-Switch Present, Hot-Keys,
Key-Vibrato and Real-Vibrato, Legato- and Glide-Mode, Growl-Control,
Air-Control, Keys-Control, Spit-Control, Dirty-Notes, Breath
Release-Trigger, and more.

For more information, go to http://www.soundsonline.com