Super Talent Technology ( has added two
new series of SSD products to its MasterDrive family that deliver
faster performance than existing SSDs.

These new SSDs are based on a new multi-channel SATA-II (3.0 Gbits
per sec) controller. The MasterDrive OX uses MLC NAND Flash to
transfer data at speeds up to 150 MB/sec (sequential read) and 100
MB/sec (sequential write). The MasterDrive OX is offered in
capacities up to 128GB, and is backed with a one-year warranty.

The MasterDrive PX employs SLC NAND Flash, and supports sequential
read and write speeds — up to 170 and 130 MB/second read and write
speeds, respectively. MasterDrive PX SSDs are available in 32 and
64GB capacities, and include a three-year warranty. The 128GB
MasterDrive OX will be available this week at a street price of
around US$419.