Heckler Design (http://www.hecklerdesign.com) has released the
OneLessDesk and OneLessDesk Limited Edition desks that are designed
to complement Apple products such as the iMac.

The OneLessDesk (US$649) is available in silver/grey and gloss white.
It sports two independent desks for flexibility. You could put your
notebook on the lower deck and connect it to a big display on the
upper deck. When the lower deck is pushed under the upper deck, the
OneLessDesk occupies about one foot of room space.

OneLessDesk’s out-of-sight, rear-facing shelf provides a home for
your wires, power strip, external hard drives, USB hub, and even
small speakers. The shelf comes complete with wire management
features built in.

OneLessDesk’s lower deck is a keyboard tray and more. Its 12-inch by
30-inch work surface provides space for a keyboard, mouse, pen tablet
or paperwork. And it’s designed to be ergonomically correct. Which
means you’ll look good and be comfortable while you work. The
OneLessDesk LImited Edition ($1,199) is the same as the OneLessDesk,
but made entirely of stainless steel and finished by hand.