Equinux (http://www.equinux.com) has released VPN
Tracker 5.3, the newest version of its
IPSec-based VPN client for Mac OS X. The upgrade
supports Mode Config for Netgear VPN gateways to
simplify the administration of VPN connections.

VPN Tracker 5.3 is capable of using Mode Config
for Netgear gateways to simplify VPN
configuration. Mode Config permits VPN Tracker to
automatically obtain its IP address from the VPN
gateway. Administrative effort and costs for
users of Mode Config-capable Netgear VPN gateways
FVS338, FVX538, FVS336G, DGFV338 and FVS124G are
reduced, according to the folks at Equinux. In
addition, VPN Tracker 5.3 provides improved
device profiles for the most popular VPN
gateways, as well as a new device profile for
SonicWALL NSA 2400 devices.

VPN Tracker 5.3 integrates even better into Mac
OS X. The user interface contains improvements
designed to make everyday work with VPN Tracker
easier. Additionally, VPN Tracker 5.3 corrects
numerous smaller mistakes; for example,
compatibility with PPPoE-connections has been
enhanced, as well as the application of RSA
secure ID tokens.

VPN Tracker 5.3 is a free update for all
registered users of VPN Tracker 5. New licenses
for VPN Tracker 5 are available at the Equinux
Online Store starting at ¤ 69 (excluding German