Syncro Soft has released version 4.0 of its Subversion (SVN) client
( The upgrade adds Subversion 1.5
features such as merge tracking, sparse checkout and relative URLs
for the svn:externals property and a merge wizard that simplifies the
SVN merge operations.

Starting with SVN 1.5 the revision at which a branch is merged is
remembered. This is useful for the next merge operation when only the
changes committed to the branch after the previous merge operation
are considered, according to the folks at Syncro Soft.

Sometimes not all the files and subdirectories of a repository are
needed in a working copy. In these cases only the needed
subdirectories and files can be checked out from the repository by
selecting one of the following checkout depths for a directory:
recursive, immediate children, file children only, this folder only.

A new action “Update to revision” is available in the Working Copy
view. It allows updating the resources selected in the working copy
to an earlier revision from the repository. The depth of the update
operation on the folders can be selected from the values allowed by
SVN 1.5 sparse checkout.

A merge wizard was added to perform complex merge operations easier.
Three types of merging are available: merge revision ranges,
reintegrate a branch and merge two different trees. Advanced merge
options can also be set.

A Syncro SVN client license with a one year maintenance pack costs
US$59. A Syncro SVN client site license with a one year maintenance
pack is $2,970. Volume discount rates are available starting with
five licenses. Syncro SVN Client can be run on Mac OS X, Windows,
Linux and Solaris systems.