RE:Vision Effects ( )
has released version 3 of Video Gogh, which turns
your videos into moving paintings, using
RE:Vision Effects optical flow technology to move
brush strokes without stuttering artifacts.

The new version introduces the option for users
to define their own brushes, which may be
animated. Version 3 also adds new visual effects
opportunities requested by users. Some of the
features include:

° Three default brush styles included: Oily, Watercolor and Chalk.

° Custom Brush Set (up to 10): now included is
support for animated and custom brush sets. Users
can supply custom brush images and for each
select different render styles (including render
directly as sprite).

° A new “Non-Additive Blending” mode allows you
to make properly semi-transparent layers.

° There’s an option to paint over the original
sequence to avoid holes in result.

° The ability to clip to edges found in the
original image is now an option allowing you to
paint “tight” or “loose.”

° Users can now control separately the growth and
death of brush strokes when they become too
distant apart or too clustered.

° A better technique has been introduced that
performs much better when objects come into frame
as a result of panning or other camera (or
object) motion.

° In previous versions the initial distribution
of brush strokes was not properly randomized,
causing brush strokes to appear located on a grid
upon initialization. This is been corrected in
version 3.

° Users can now control the variability in brush
stroke width (including choosing to have no

° Motion can be calculated using an alternate
clip. This is useful if the original clip has low
contrast or is difficult to track. This feature
is also useful to facilitate layering small
regions of the image with the plug-in.

° External motion vectors (e.g., from Twixtor or
your 3D system) are also supported.

° Brush stroke orientation can now be specified
using alternate images. In addition, direction
maps (e.g., from a 3D system) may be used to
control directions the brush strokes orientation.

° 16 bpc channel image support for applications
that support 16bpc for After Effects-compatible

Video Gogh 3 works in Combustion 3.0.4 and over,
After Effects 5.0 and up on Windows, After
Effects 7.0 and up on Mac, Final Cut Pro 5.1 and
up, and Premiere Pro 1.0 and up on Windows and
Premiere Pro CS3 and up on Mac. Fusion 5 32b is
also now officially supported.

Video Gogh 3 costs US$119.95;the upgrade from
previous versions is US$39.95. As of today, the
RE:Vision Effects’ Effections bundles for After
Effects, Combustion, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro
and Fusion include Video Gogh 3.

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