Brainstem Games (, an indie game
development company based in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, will be
showcasing their first title at this year’s Austin Game Developers’

Their game, ON Chapter 1: Obscura Nomen, is a 3D multiplayer space
shooter for the personal computer. Up to 32 players can take on the
role of pilots for either the horse-like Mhori or the cat-like Mentki
in a series of space battles. Each battle takes place on a map
tailored for a specific mode of play. Players can participate in a
soccer-like match, join with other players as a team to destroy the
opposing team’s base, or fight against all other players in a
free-for-all competition for the highest score.

Brainstem plans on releasing ON Chapter 1: Obscura Nomen in the
fourth quarter of the year. The game will be available as a digital
download for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.