PremiumSoft is glad to announce the release of MySQL Studio
What’s new in this version:
MySQL Studio is a MySQL Database GUI Admin Tool for
administrating and monitoring MySQL server on Mac OS X platform. The
new version improves support for MySQL 4.x, enhances MySQL Connection
settings and backup, and fix the evaluation expiry problem.
An evaluation version of PremiumSoft MySQL Studio is available
for download at (a
) To use the product, you’ll
need Mac OS X 10.1 or later.

Brief product description:
MySQL Studio is a set of MySQL GUI database management,
import/export, backup and monitoring tools for MySQL database systems
that offers full control over any MySQL database server as well as
displays various administrative information. It includes a full
featured graphical manager for users and access privileges and data
transfer from one MySQL server to another, backup and restore of
databases, local and remote connections, and more. This GUI Admin Tool
comes with a well-edited manual and installation guide.

Major features include below:
-Browse your databases
-Create and delete databases, tables, indexes and users
-Modify your data
-Create, Save or Run SQL queries
-Manage user privileges [security configuration]
-Backup/Restore your database
-Data Transfer – you can transfer data from one MySQL server to
another MySQL server (1. Local to Remote , 2. Remote to Remote , 3.
Remote to Local)