Pixelglow Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of
macstl 0.1.1 — a new C++ source library designed to bring the Macintosh
into the world of modern generic programming. macstl gives you the elegance
and efficiency of programming with templates. macstl is distinctly mac as
well — you program with Mac OS X concepts and technologies using a
cutting-edge interface.

macstl features a new implementation of std::valarray optimized for the
Altivec. It runs inline arithmetic 7.76x faster than gcc 3.1 and inline
transcendentals 14.21x faster than gcc 3.1, achieved by ruthlessly rooting
out redundant loads and stores. And Altivec programmers get to use a clear,
natural syntax without sacrificing speed or portability.

The Mach copy-on-write vector is a partial specialization of
std::vector for the Mach allocator. It neatly uses the OS vm_copy
facility to “get around” thread safety issues when doing copy-on-write
and reference counting. As a result, std::vector can be copied, passed
back by value and enlarged without the same overheads.

With the imminent release of the Power Macintosh G5 and the PowerPC 970,
now is the time to unleash the true potential of the Altivec execution


Cheers, Glen Low
Pixelglow Software