65bit Software (http://www.65bit.com) has launched the latest version
of their database publishing solution for Adobe InDesign,
EasyCatalog. EasyCatalog increases InDesign productivity by providing
dynamic, two-way, linking of data from a CSV file, XML structure or
ODBC database to text or images in InDesign documents. EasyCatalog
CS3 3.0.7 adds support for a new module that allows users to work
with complex, structured, data.

“We’re constantly developing EasyCatalog to make it the most powerful
and flexible database publishing solution for Adobe InDesign,” said
Mark Haden, Director of 65bit Software. “Since its launch in 2003,
EasyCatalog has been used to create catalogs, brochures and price
lists in over thirty countries around the world. One of the biggest
problems has always been how we import complex structured data that’s
stored in a relational database such as MySQL. This latest module
overcomes this by allowing the user to reproduce their database
structure in EasyCatalog and use that from within InDesign.”

The latest version of EasyCatalog also includes a number of new
user-requested features and bug fixes.