HyperOffice (http://www.hyperoffice.com) has introduced HyperMeeting,
a web conferencing tool for small and mid-sized businesses.

HyperMeeting supports integrated audio, online application sharing,
presentations, file sharing, whiteboard, network-based recording,
remote control, and other built-in tools. Unlike other online meeting
services where only the presenter controls the meeting, any
HyperMeeting attendee may share any desktop, switch on the built-in
recording capabilities and control other meeting functions.

“This makes HyperMeeting ideal for sales conferences, webinars,
online seminars and project meetings where anyone can contribute a
great idea,” says Farzin Arsanjani, president of HyperOffice. “You
can fire up customer service and live tech support on the fly. Or
collaborate with large audiences spread across the globe.”

HyperMeeting integrates with HyperOffice, an award-winning suite of
web-based applications that make it easier for owners, employees,
clients, partners and suppliers of growing businesses to collaborate,
communicate, plan projects, share documents, schedule meetings and
tasks, and manage information, anytime, from work, from home, or
while traveling, using any Internet connection.

Working together, HyperMeeting and HyperOffice equip business teams
with everything they need to collaborate online — web conferencing,
plus shared documents, calendars, contacts, projects and tasks,
Outlook syncing, business-class email without spam and viruses;
document management with online storage, versioning, user rights and
workflow; discussion groups, security, backup, Intranet/Extranet page
and portal builders, time and expense tracking, and more.

“With HyperMeeting, HyperOffice becomes one of the only complete
online collaboration suites to integrate document management, email,
and more, with web conferencing, all specifically designed and for
use by small to mid-sized businesses,” says Arsanjani.

Both HyperMeeting and HyperOffice are pay as you go solutions.
Pricing can be found at