Free Pre-Release Software Addresses Dual Boot Mac OS and Windows Users

IRVINE, Calif., July 29, 2008 — Paragon Software Group (PSG), the
technology leader in innovative data security and data management
technology, today announced free public access to the pre-release version
of its CampTune software, which is designed for dual-boot users running
both Mac OS and Windows on their Intel-based Mac. Paragon’s CampTune
solves the maintenance problem that Mac Boot Camp users encounter when they
run out of free partition space. With CampTune, Mac users can redistribute
free space between Macintosh and Windows partitions in minutes without data
loss, adding free megabytes to partitions on either operating system
quickly and easily.

“Paragon is committed to using its 14-plus years of partitioning experience
to help remove the barriers between the Windows and Mac operating systems,”
noted Tom Fedro, president of Paragon Software Group – Americas. “We took
the first big step in breaking down these barriers with the introduction of
Paragon’s NTFS for Mac OS X, which effectively solves the communication
problems between Mac systems and NTFS. The second step was our creation
of Paragon’s Rescue Kit for Mac, which supports Intel-based Macs by backing
up and restoring Windows OS or Mac OS. Now, with Paragon’s CampTune, we’ve
addressed the free space redistribution problem between the two operating
systems, making it simple and intuitive for dual-boot users.”

The free pre-release version of Paragon’s CampTune is available directly
from Paragon Software Group’s Website at:

About Paragon Software Group

Paragon Software Group (PSG) is an innovative software developer focused on
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in 1994, PSG has offices in the USA, Germany, Japan and Russia delivering
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