Mark/Space launches Missing Sync for Symbian

Synchronize information and files between a Mac and a Nokia, Sony Ericsson
or Motorola phone running Symbian OS

Los Gatos, Calif. — July 24th, 2008 — Mark/Space, Inc. today announced
the immediate availability of a Symbian version of its data transfer
software, The Missing Sync for Symbian. Now Mac users can take full
advantage of Symbian OS devices from Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola.

The Missing Sync for Symbian is the first Mark/Space product to feature
Proximity Sync technology. This new approach to synchronization uses
Bluetooth to sync data automatically when the devices are close to each

Brian Hall, Mark/Space CEO, said “I know people are going to love the ease
of use brought by Proximity Sync. Just having your phone in the same room
as your Mac from time to time is all you need to do to keep in sync.”

Syncing without thinking, wireless and cable free
Users won’t ever need to remember to sync again. When the phone is in range
of the Mac — within approximately 30 feet — Proximity Sync will connect
via Bluetooth and synchronize the correct information.

The process is entirely automatic; no user intervention is necessary at any
point. The synchronization process can happen with your phone still in your
pocket. No messy cables, just automatic file transfers through the air.

Contacts, calendars and tasks
The Missing Sync for Symbian makes it simple to travel with contacts,
calendar events and tasks. Create to-do items, new contacts or events on
either your phone, or your Mac. The information is automatically

Pictures, music, movies and files
If you have software for viewing images and documents, or playing MP3s and
video, then Missing Sync for Symbian can manage those files too. Music and
video can be synchronized between iTunes and the phone.** If there are
pictures or videos created on the phone, they will be transferred to the

Other file types can be synchronised to any folder on the phone or on the
Mac. This means handheld applications such as Quickoffice or Adobe Reader
LE will have access to files created on the Mac.

SMS text messages and call log
The Missing Sync for Symbian archives your phone’s text messages and call
log to your Mac. So, you’ll have a history of all your phone calls whether
you are tracking them for billing purposes, or just want to know when you
last called your Mom. And, when you have to find a specific piece of
information from a thread of text messages, The Missing Sync for Symbian
makes it easy to search your SMS archive and find what you’re looking for,

Pricing and availability
The Missing Sync for Symbian is available as an electronic download from
the Mark/Space online store for USD $39.95.

Product requirements:
The Missing Sync for Symbian requires a Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.9 or
later and native Bluetooth support. It is compatible with most mobile
phones from Nokia running Symbian S60 (3rd Rev or later) and phones from
Sony Ericcson and Motorola running Symbian UIQ 3.0 or later.

To purchase or learn more about The Missing Sync for Symbian, visit

* Currently only Nokia phones allow access to call logs.
** Symbian OS devices cannot play music or video protected by DRM (Digital
Rights Management).

Founded in 1990, Mark/Space, Inc.,, develops and markets
mobile and wireless software, including SyncTogether and the award-winning
Missing Sync products that connect Mac and Windows computers to mobile
devices and smartphones from Apple, HP, HTC, i-mate, Motorola, Nokia, Palm,
RIM, Samsung, Sony, Sony Ericsson, and others.