Atempo (], a provider of cross-platform data
protection and archiving solutions, and Nexsan (
a provider of long-term disk storage, have announced a comprehensive
backup-to-disk solution that integrates Atempo’s storage management
software with Nexsan’s high density green storage system.

For the first time, Atempo Time Navigator software will integrate
with Nexsan SATABeast Xi hardware, giving reseller partners the
opportunity to offer a high-performance and high-capacity backup and
storage solution for data-intensive environments such as media and
entertainment industries. With Atempo and Nexsan’s common support for
Mac, Windows and UNIX, the joint solution is optimized for
heterogeneous environments, particularly organizations with a strong
Mac presence, says Bob Woolery, senior vice president of marketing at

Atempo Time Navigator enables medium to large-size organizations to
manage data throughout its lifecycle. In addition to providing data
protection, the software’s Time Navigation capability allows users to
restore files from any point in time off any tier in a storage
environment. These critical features complement the SATABeast Xi,
which gives enterprises high density storage up to 42TB per system.
In addition to providing enterprise-class performance, reliability
and management, the SATABeast Xi features Nexsan’s AutoMAID
energy-saving technology that greatly reduces power consumption and
cooling costs without sacrificing application performance, according
to Karim Toubba, vice president of marketing and product management
at Atempo.

The Atempo and Nexsan integrated solution supports a broad number of
applications and databases, including specific applications for the
media and entertainment industry such as media asset management
applications. The solution also includes all components necessary to
provide virtual tape library (VTL) functionality delivering increased
backup performance, improved recovery performance and reduced media
management issues. Resellers will have the flexibility to sell
different bundles of Time Navigator and SATABeast Xi that can scale
up to 42TB and 20 agents.

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