V4x, a developer of interactive software
platforms for mobile and web content
distribution, will showcase for the first time at
IBC, the new OnAir Widgets at the IBC 2008
convention held in Amsterdam, September 12 — 16,
in the Mobile TV Zone on stand M398.

The new V4x OnAir Widgets application is designed
to monetize media and maximize viewer retention
through interactivity for Web TV and Mobile. Each
Widget component is a visual building block
facilitating a specific viewer interaction:
ad overlays with in-video cue points, One
click Flash sponsorships pre-rolls to video
clips, quiz-polls relating to the current
program, SMS scenarios and more. V4x OnAir
Widgets Toolkit offers a unified design
specification, including aesthetics, to lend a
sense of overall cohesion among various parts of
the WEB or Mobile media player.

Ideal for sports, live or near-live portals,
music channels, newscasts re-purposing, radio and
theme shows such as cooking, shopping, or reality
TV, V4x OnAir Widgets benefit highlights offer

*Straight-forward content repurposing from
TV/Radio production systems; high degree of

*Simple integration with websites and players;
easy production of new “made for mobile” channels

*Off-the-shelf revenue generation scheme built
into each widget component: broadcasters can
start “making money immediately” *Audience
retention: 360° media strategy follows the
viewers wherever they go: TV, WEB & Mobile

*Viral design concept allows; widgets can be
shared and embedded in other web outlets

*Measure usage; allows broadcasters and retailers
to know and track their audience with analytics

For further information, go here: www.v4x.com