ActiveState Releases Komodo IDE 4.4
Multi-Language, Multi-Platform Komodo IDE Adds More Bite to Killer Feature Set

VANCOUVER, BC–June 24, 2008–ActiveState Software today released Komodo
IDE 4.4, adding user requested timesaving features and performance
improvements to the award-winning integrated development environment,
including a sophisticated function list feature with industry-leading
capabilities. Komodo IDE has an exhaustive list of development tools,
comprehensive language coverage, flexible cross-platform licensing, an
extensible framework, and integrated source code control.

“Developers want to spend more time coding and less time searching,” said
Trent Mick, Komodo Dev Lead. “So we pushed the features of the standard
function list, adding CSS entries, XML nodes, and more ‘Awesome Bar’-style
functionality to our new Sections List feature.”

Another work-saving addition to Komodo IDE 4.4 is the improved Subversion
(SVN), CVS, and Perforce functionality, which simplifies team development
and project management with multi-file commits and a new Change List tab to
track and group documents that have been edited.

“Having the Sections List makes jumping around my code so much easier and
quicker, with the added benefit of not having to use my mouse as much to
find the method I need,” said Komodo user Anton Visser of
“[And] the improved SCC makes committing code that much easier. I used to
use a third party SVN tool, to commit changes, but now that I can commit
changes from my entire project, I don’t need that tool any more.”

New in this release is added extensibility for Unit Test Integration,
enabling developers to use their preferred unit testing framework, as
support for frameworks can now be added via extensions. PHPUnit, Ruby
rake-based test (as used by Ruby on Rails), Perl TAP-based test, PyUnit,
and Nose are already integrated.

Rounding out the key features of Komodo IDE 4.4 is Zend framework support,
a top request from Komodo IDE’s PHP users, as well as user interface

“Komodo just keeps growing and growing, even with minor releases,” added
Rudolf Horbas of “I just can’t keep up with discovering all
the new and useful features!”

Komodo IDE 4.4 is a free update for all Komodo IDE 4.x license holders and
Perl Pro Studio and Tcl Pro Studio subscribers. Read more at

About Komodo IDE
ActiveState’s Komodo IDE 4.4 helps developers create great applications
using dynamic languages and open technologies.

Award-winning tools for debugging, code intelligence, visual code
navigation and the regular expression toolkit help developers write cleaner
code faster, while source code control integration, a project manager and
multi-user support assist in team development.

With improved performance for all supported languages (including Perl, PHP,
Python, Ruby and Tcl, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML), simple Firefox-style
extensibility, and flexible multi-platform licensing for Windows, Mac OS X,
and Linux, Komodo IDE has developed smart tools with developer freedom and
choice in mind. Learn more at (

About Komodo Edit
Based on the award-winning Komodo IDE, Komodo Edit is a free, open source,
feature-rich editor for the full range of Komodo-supported dynamic
languages (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl) and platforms (Linux, Mac OS
X, and Windows). Like Komodo IDE, Komodo Edit also supports client-side
Ajax technologies, including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and XML. For more
information or to download, go to (

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ActiveState creates professional software development tools, programming
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ActiveState solves complex problems and produces cool and useful
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