iSkin introduces ProTouch Keyboard protectors for MacBook and MacBook
Pro Precision-molded and form-fitting protection for the latest in
Apple technology

Toronto, Canada — August 18th, 2006 – iSkin Inc. today announced its
newly designed ProTouch Keyboard Protectors for the latest generation
of Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro portable computers. The new ProTouch
Keyboard Protectors are designed for cover and protect without
restricting normal typing and maintaining a clear view of the
keyboard. Precision molded to cover each key, these new keyboard
protectors are form fitting and do not slide or move while being
used. They are also specially-coated to provide ease through smoother
and quicker typing. ProTouch keyboard protectors are washable to help
reduce dirt build-up and the spread of germs.

ProTouch for MacBook and MacBook Pro are both constructed with
quality, high-grade silicones that are both durable and long-lasting.
They are designed to protect against key wear, spills, food and other
particles from entering through the keyboard and causing harm to the
computer. They are also designed to help dampen keystrokes resulting
in quieter typing–ideal for educational, corporate and home

iSkin’s ProTouch keyboard protectors come in a variety of colors and
retails starting at $24.99 USD. iSkin also offers its ProTouch
keyboard protector for Apple Keyboard and Wireless Keyboards.

More information regarding these and other iSkin products can be
found online:

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