QuickLicense 2.2 for Windows and Mac OS X
Apply Software License Protection with Desktop Drag and Drop

February 21, 2008 – Excel Software is pleased to announce an innovative new
tool in the QuickLicense product to protect and license Windows and
Macintosh software. A software vendor can now drag and drop an application
onto the AddLicense desktop icon to wrap it with any license configured
from QuickLicense. A protected application is generated in seconds using
the original application icon and no programming required.

QuickLicense 2.2 can be used to configure and manage almost any kind of
software license including time or execution limited Trial editions,
machine or name activated licenses or software subscriptions. All Windows
computers from 98 through Vista are supported. The Mac OS X edition has
Universal Binary support for PPC and Intel processors.

With the QuickLicense application, a software vendor configures how the
activation procedure works and any software usage restrictions. This
flexible approach makes it easy to create many kinds of licenses and
protect desktop applications, plugins, spreadsheets or multi-media content.
The runtime and encrypted ticket files are deployed with the application to
hold the license information. On startup, the application calls the runtime
to validate the license. With AddLicense, the runtime and ticket is
embedded into the desktop application file.

A user can activate and use a protected application on any computer even
without an Internet connection. Activation codes provided by phone, email
or instant web page can work with any download or retail distribution
process. The optional Safe Activation Service from Excel Software allows a
vendor to present a customized activation web page, control activation
count by serial number and present instant activation codes to users.

QuickLicense can manage customer information collected during the
activation process. Customer data can be imported, searched, organized and
used to manage each license. The batch email capability allows messages to
be individually customized and precisely targeted. Database capacity has
been increased to 25,000 licenses in version 2.2 and optimized for speed.
The Site License edition supports multiple databases and multiple users.

QuickLicense is $495 for a Single User License on Windows (98 through
Vista) or Mac OS X (PPC and Intel) or $795 for both platforms. The package
includes an integrated help system, examples, tutorial, PDF and printed
manual. Each license purchase includes royalty-free distribution of the
QuickLicense runtime file for any number of products or licenses on that
computer platform. Download the QuickLicense movie from the company web
site for a demonstration of how the license configuration and activation
process works.