January 24, 2008 – Las Vegas, Nevada – SecureMac is pleased to announce the
new MacScan Family Pack — security for your entire home network.

SecureMac is committed to providing Macintosh users with affordable
security. MacScan Family Pack now lets you install the popular MacScan
antispyware software on up to three computers for only $49.99.

MacScan Family Pack can be used to upgrade a single user license of MacScan
to a three seat license for the difference between the original price and
the Family Pack. Stay up-to-date and protect your home network against the
latest threats with MacScan Family Pack by downloading the free definition
updates for MacScan either from within the program, or by downloading a
software upgrade. Upgrades can be obtained by downloading the demo version
from (http://macscan.securemac.com) and entering your serial number.

The demo can be registered as a three seat license for $49.99 using Paypal
or credit card,via the MacScan webstore at (http://macscan.securemac.com).

About MacScan
MacScan quickly detects, isolates and removes spyware from Macintosh
computers using both real-time spyware definition updating and unique
detection methods. The software also manages internet-related clutter on
your computer. It is designed for Mac OS X version 10.2.4 and later.

For more information, or to download a demo version of MacScan, visit

About SecureMac
Since 1999, SecureMac.com has been at the forefront of Macintosh system
security. The site not only features complete Macintosh Anti-Spyware and
Antivirus solutions, but also operates as a clearinghouse for news, reviews
and discussion of Apple computer security issues. Users from novice to the
most advanced will find useful information at SecureMac that is designed to
make their computer experience trouble free.

For more information about SecureMac, visit (http://www.securemac.com),
email macsec@securemac.com, or by calling 702-924-0881