KavaSoft releases KavaServices, Services menu utilities that translate,
calculate, convert and more

November 30, 2007 – KavaSoft today released KavaServices, a utility that
adds five useful commands to the Services menu. KavaServices lets you
translate text back and forth between several languages, calculate
mathematical expressions, convert currencies and other units, encode
special characters into HTML entities, and execute terminal commands. These
commands can replace the selected text in any Mac OS X application. You
don=92=C4=F4t need to switch to a different program, or to copy and paste.

KavaServices allows you to select a paragraph on a web page and translate
it right in your browser. You can also translate text in incoming or
outgoing Mail messages. KavaServices translates English, French, German,
Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Korean, Portuguese, and

KavaServices can also convert currencies, as well as area, energy, power,
pressure, speed, temperature, time, volume and weight.

KavaServices can calculate any mathematical expression in any program. It
can calculate basic arithmetic, trigonometry, arithmetic with scientific
units, base conversions, and more.

KavaServices also helps webmasters prepare content for the web by encoding
special characters into HTML entities. With one keystroke, KavaServices can
convert accented characters, characters in other alphabets and special
punctuation marks for display on the web.

KavaServices also offers a gateway to the Terminal in any application.
Select a command, hit a keystroke, and the command will be replaced by its
result as if you had typed it in the Terminal.

KavaServices costs $20, and can be purchased using PayPal or Kagi. You can
try all of the features for free for seven days.

KavaSoft today also announced KavaTunes and released new versions of
Shoebox, iConquer, HyperImage and Curator. More information is available on
the all-new KavaSoft website.