Group Logic Releases “Leopard” Compatible ExtremeZ-IP File Server, Print
Server and Zidget

ExtremeZ-IP 5.1.1 is the Only Windows-based AFP Solution Certified to
Support Apple’s New OS

November 26, 2007 (Arlington, VA) – Group Logic, the leading provider of
Mac/Windows connectivity solutions, today announced the release of
ExtremeZ-IP File and Print Server 5.1.1 – a product update that delivers
compatibility with Apple’s new “Leopard” platform (Mac OS X 10.5). This
release highlights Group Logic’s ongoing commitment to actively maintain
compatibility with the latest Macintosh operating platforms.

ExtremeZ-IP 5.1.1 is the only Windows-based server solution to properly
support all releases of the Mac operating system, from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X
10.5. The release of version 5.1.1 extends the product’s lead as the most
scalable, compatible, high performance AFP server on the market today and
demonstrates Group Logic’s continued commitment and success in delivering
solutions that offer compatibility without compromise for file sharing
between Mac desktops and Windows servers.

“We’re now shipping the best Leopard-ready AFP server for Windows,” says T.
Reid Lewis, President of Group Logic. “Our customers need to know their
network workflow and productivity will remain uninterrupted as they migrate
to Apple’s new operating system. This is what sets Group Logic apart – our
commitment to always stay one step ahead of our customer’s needs, our
competitors and innovations within the industry.”

ExtremeZ-IP 5.1.1 has undergone extensive testing with the new Mac Leopard
platform. In addition to maintenance changes that ensure the product is
certified for the new Mac OS X Leopard 10.5, ExtremeZ-IP version 5.1.1 also
incorporates a number of other enhancements including improvements to
Unicode compatibility.

Group Logic’s engineering team has identified a number of issues with the
Leopard AFP client which may impact some customer workflows. We encourage
customers to review and consider the list of issues at
( before deploying Leopard in production.
Group Logic will continue to work with Apple to test and fix issues with
the AFP Client and will update our web site to reflect the results of these
ongoing efforts by engineering teams at both companies.

ExtremeZ-IP is used by thousands of customers worldwide who depend on it
for reliable file sharing between their Mac desktops and Windows servers.
It delivers no-compromise access, providing complete platform and
application compatibility.

Available immediately, Group Logic customers that currently own a license
for ExtremeZ-IP version 5.1 and have an active Maintenance and Support
Contract can update to version 5.1.1 for free.

Those customers that do not have an active Maintenance and Support contract
can gain the benefits of this latest release through a paid contract
renewal and upgrade. Please contact us 800.476.8781 or +1.703.528.1555 or
via ( email to learn more about how to upgrade your
version of ExtremeZ-IP.

About Group Logic

Group Logic is the leading provider of network software solutions that
enable customers to gain strategic value, increase productivity and
leverage existing infrastructure investments through enterprise file
transfer and Mac/Windows connectivity solutions. With nearly 20 years of
unmatched experience, Group Logic’s emphasis on customer success is the
very core of its business. More than 2,000 customers trust Group Logic
every day to move and share their files around the world.

Group Logic offers two complementary product lines:

* MassTransit Product Line: Enterprise software solution proven to
transform digital file transfers into strategic business processes.
MassTransit increases productivity and empowers users to manage all aspects
of the file transfer process by simplifying the exchange of digital files,
ensuring accountability and providing visibility into the entire process.

* ExtremeZ-IP Product Line: ExtremeZ-IP File Server is the proven standard
and most trusted solution for file sharing between Mac desktops and Windows
servers, delivering no-compromise access and providing complete platform
and application compatibility. ExtremeZ-IP Print Server delivers reliable
integration between Mac desktops and Windows servers, creating a
single-point of management for enterprise-wide printing.

For more information, visit Group Logic on the Web at
( . Group Logic can also be reached at
800.476.8781 / 703.528.1555.