Gefen Delivers Wireless USB 2.0 Connectivity up to 100 Feet in Distance

CHATSWORTH, CA – No cables are required to transmit USB 2.0 signals up to
100 feet in distance with the new Wireless USB Extender from Gefen.

This sender/receiver system delivers cable-free USB connectivity and is
designed to offer a useful, plug and play method of removing USB devices
from the computer station. It is effective in extending typical computer
peripherals such as keyboard/mouse and printer with full operational
functionality using a radio transmission based on 802.11a, b, g, n and
Extreme USB technologies.

An ideal solution for accessing the computer and powering devices in remote
locations where running wires is undesirable, the cable-free extension
solution transmits data at speeds up to 54 Mbps, providing an attractive
alternative to wired solutions.

The product requires no installation of USB drivers so the set-up is
simplified, requiring a short cable connection of the sender to the
computer, and the wireless 4-port hub/receiver to the extended USB devices.
A wireless transmission between sender and receiver replaces the cables of
yesterday; 5v power supplies drive local and remote operation.

The Gefen Wireless USB Extender works well for cross-platform computer
systems including Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows VISTA and Linux.

MSRP: $399

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About Gefen:

A leader in the audio/video connectivity industry, Gefen delivers advanced
technologies with multi-platform extension, switching, distribution and
conversion capabilities. Gefen equipment is valued around the world in
professional A/V, information technology and consumer electronics/home
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enabling systems to operate beyond their original capabilities. A selection
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