Subject: Friends of Time extends QuickTime community web services

Friends of Time, the on-line home for the extended QuickTime community is
enhancing its web site ( with new capabilities
to help bring the community together.

Message Boards

Friends of Time now provides public message boards which provide a place
for QuickTime related news, events, product announcements, and job
listings. The job listings feature will solve a long standing challenge for
companies seeking to build QuickTime-compatible products by allowing those
companies to directly post their job listings. There’s also a place for
consultants with QuickTime skills to list their services.

People Connection

Friends of Time has identified nearly 1000 individuals who have contributed
to the success of QuickTime since work quietly began at Apple in 1990. To
facilitate communication and re-connecting with old friends, Friends of
Time has introduced a connection service enabling community members to send
mail to other community members. This unique capability ensures that the
community member’s email address is only disclosed to those that they

You can help us keep our list of community members. New members can be
added at

Digital Chat for QuickTime Live!

Friends of Time and R/com Networks are hosting an on-line chat during
QuickTime Live! With chat rooms dedicated to each session room, the Digital
Chat provides a unique way for conference attendees to communicate during
the conference, and for those unable to attend to chat with the attendees.
Log on to the Digital Chat at and join the

10th Anniversary Party

On December 1, 2001 Friends of Time held a party in San Francisco to
celebrate the 10th anniversary of QuickTime. With nearly 400 people in
attendance, the event brought together the many individuals who have helped
make QuickTime the success it is during its first decade. Photos of the
event are on-line at:


Friends of Time is pleased to announce the support of R/com Networks
( R/com will be providing hosting and design
support for the Friends of Time site, allowing us to continue to grow the
services and information that we provide.

Friends of Time is also pleased to continue its association with Skip
Ferderber and Associates as its PR Agency. Skip Ferderber and Associates is
responsible for the incredible press coverage around the 10th anniversary
of QuickTime celebration in December 2001. They may be contacted by email

About Friends of Time

Friends of Time is an organization dedicated to recognizing and bringing
together the many individuals who have contributed to the success of
QuickTime. Providing both communications and a historical archive, the
Friends of Time web site provides an on-line home for the extended
QuickTime community. Friends of Time was founded in November of 2000 by
community members Peter Hoddie, Jim Batson, Chris Flick, Austin Miller,
Carlos Montalvo, Kirk Shorte, Mitchell Weinstock, and Charles Wiltgen.

You may contact Friends of Time at