introduces its iMac VESA Adapter Kit. The iMac VESA Adapter
Kit is specifically designed for Apple iMac all-in-one computers that are
deemed VESA non-compliant or non-compatible by wall mount and articulating
arm manufacturers. These iMac models include: 20″ Aluminum iMac, 17″ and
20″ iMac Intel Core 2 Duo, 17″ and 20″ iMac with iSight, and also the G5
17″ and G5 20″ 2006 iMac models.

The iMac VESA Adapter Kit integrates with the iMac’s stand and cable
management hole using a patent pending fastening system. Its unique design
eliminates the need to remove the stand from the iMac or modify the
computer in any way; ensuring that warranty is not void due to the
disassembling of the computer. This feature also maintains the integrity of
the iMac as a “portable” computer system as the stand remains in tact with
the iMac. After the interface adapter bracket is attached to the VESA
mounting device being used, the fastening system allows the user to mount
and dismount their iMac computer quickly, and easily.

By providing a method for attaching non-compliant iMac computers to VESA
mounting devices, users of the 17″ and 20″ iMac computers may now enjoy the
same ergonomic benefits other computer users have from mounting their
displays. Users now have the option to recapture desk space, position and
adjust their iMac to meet their specific needs, and ultimately increase
their comfort and productivity. It is our belief that computer equipment
should be adaptable to the user’s needs and requirements, not the other way

The iMac VESA Adapter Kit is made from high-grade aluminum steel with a
durable powder-coat and clear anodize finish complimentary to the elegant
Apple iMac style. With the iMac VESA Adapter Kit attached, the iMac
complies with the VESA MIS-D, 100, C version specification and will connect
to any VESA-compliant mounting system having a 100mm x 100mm (approx. 4″ x
4″) attachment. The fastening system is hollow and allows the user to still
utilize the cable management hole of the stand for cables, even after the
system is mounted.

The iMac VESA Adapter Kit can be found at ( It
is compatible with any 17″ and 20″ Apple iMac computer. At,
our goal is to provide a practical solution to Apple iMac users who want to
mount their iMac all-in-one computer using VESA wall mounting systems and
articulating arms.