Wibu-Systems competes against hackers in an international contest –
Concludes at CeBIT 2007

Wibu-Systems posts a chance of winning of 32,768 Euro via the
Hacker’s Contest 2007

Jan 9. 2007 – Karlsruhe – Hacker vs. software protection: for the
first time, all contestants registered for the Hacker’s Contest 2007
will receive the encrypted competition software with the appropriate
software protection hardware CM-Stick/M for the USB interface. The
German company Wibu-Systems AG, a leading manufacturer of hardware
based protection solutions for software, documents, access and media,
challenges the international hacker community with this unique
competition including its lifelike conditions. The first contestant
who can enable the protected demonstration software to run without a
CM-Stick/M and describe the right solution will win the prize of
32,768 Euro.

The international competition will start on February 1, 0:00 CET and
will end on March 14, 23:59 CET. The CodeMeter encrypted software
takes center stage: one basis software and two moduls. The programs
can be decrypted and used only with the suitable CM-Stick/M. The
competition will be completed when the first contestant can enable
the protected software to completely run without a connected
CM-Stick/M and if the contestant has sent the hidden solution text to

Everybody can take part in this competition if he/she has registered
on www.hackers-contest.com, has accepted the participation conditions
and has purchased one CM-Stick/M with a protective charge of 32 Euro.
Each participant will benefit from the Hacker’s Contest even if
he/she couldn’t solve the task: each contestant will receive the
CM-Stick/M with 256 MByte of memory and also receive a personal
“security suite” containing a password management application, a file
encryption application and an access control application.
Additionally, it is possible to store licenses for the use of
software in the CM-Stick. Thus, the corresponding software isn’t
bound to a certain computer but it can be used mobile on any computer.

The conclusion of the competition will take place at CeBIT during a
press conference on March 15, 2007, 1 p.m., room 13 in the Convention
Center by C.E.O. Oliver Winzenried. He will announce the anxiously
awaited result and will go into both the technical details of the
solution and the security strategies. Oliver Winzenried explains:
“This is the chance for hackers to proove their qualifications. If
they manage to break the protection we will use this awareness for
improving CodeMeter continously. If not we will have impressively
shown that it is impossible to hack the protection even with having a
suitable CM-Stick. Of couse, I do belive in the superior strength of
CodeMeter against hacker attacks. This challenge is unique in our
sector: until now nobody else has dared to tackle such a challenge.”

In the first three challenges with the protection solution WibuKey,
Wibu-Systems did not have to disburse the prize. “If a contestant
solves a part of the task we want to award this with up to 50 percent
of the prize”, adds Oliver Winzenried. “This will increase the
attractivity of this competition noticeably.”