Offenburg, Germany – September 25, 2007 – Pleasant Software releases
Leopard-ready Ubercaster v1.2.

With Ubercaster v1.2 Pleasant Software takes the next step and releases a
major update for its now Leopard-ready podcast production suite. The new
version also includes dramatical performance improvements as well as new

Ubercaster is a complete production suite for podcasting on the Macintosh.

It lets podcasters prepare, record, cut and release their shows the way
they’d expect it. The days of overloaded and bulky recording environments
are over.

Ubercaster v1.2 costs US$ 79.95, registered users can download as a free
update. A demo version is available at

Version 1.2 delivers some major improvements and new functions:

– Ubercaster is now Leopard-ready.
– Dramatical performance improvements on the Cut layer (We really
mean it!).
– Selectable launching actions: a new preference lets the user choose
between several options (e.g. open template or open last project).
– Several interface refinements.
– Tons of other fixes and improvements.

See for a full list
of changes.

Made for podcasting

Leave your garage and feel at home. Ubercaster has been made with
podcaster’s needs in mind. With its versatile options podcasters may record
their show the way they’re used to and profit from Ubercaster’s advanced
cut and release tools. One may also take advantage of Ubercaster ‘s
groundberaking live audio recording. Auto ducking, effects, chapters for
enhanced podcasts, ID3 tags, album cover art, mp3/AAC/AIFF encoding – you
name it. It’s all there. Seamlessly integrated.

Appealingly easy

Ubercaster bundles its awesome features in an eye-inpiring, innovative and
easy to use software. Thanks to a clear and smooth interface, podcasters
can jump right in and record their episode. All the goodies are waiting
unintrusively in the corner and are there when you need them.
This makes Ubercaster perfectly suitable for both, newbies and advanced users.

Pure bred Mac application

Ubercaster uses the Cocoa framework and is completely written in OS X’s
native language Objective-C . So its look and feel are pretty familiar.
Moreover it benefits from powerful technologies like CoreAudio, CoreImage,
Accellerated Framework and multi threading.

Other main features of Ubercaster:

– Thanks to templates you don’t have to start from scratch. Just use
a previous project and you are ready to record.
– Define multiple microphones and a special input panel for iChat,
Skype and Gizmo recording.
– Import and play soundclips, pre-recorded material and sound effects
– Optional “Stealth mode” enables you to start and stop audio clips
or change volumes without clicking the mouse.
– Edit your show in a full featured and easy to use multi track
editing environment.
– Encode podcasts as MP3, (enhanced) AAC or AIFF and upload them to
web servers (via FTP, .Mac, etc.) at once with a single click.
– Save your project as an archive which contains all audio you’ve
used in your episode.
– And much more…

Ubercaster v1.2 requires a Macintosh with a G4, G5 or Intel CPU and Mac OS
X v10.4.4 or later.

For more information, screenshots and tutorial movies visit

Pleasant Software has been developing and selling high quality software
products for the Macintosh since 1989. “Ubercaster” ( is the most advanced podcast production suite for the
Macintosh. “ShowMacster” ( revolutionizes the
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