BVS Adds 802.11n Support to Yellowjacket B/A/G Wi-Fi Receiver System

METUCHEN, New Jersey — September 24, 2007 — Berkeley Varitronics Systems,
Inc, a global leader in handheld, 802.11 test equipment, has added 802.11n
support to their Yellowjacket B/A/G analysis system.

In addition to full 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum analysis, the Yellowjacket
B/A/G performs Wi-Fi packet analysis for b, a, g, h and now 802.11n packets
too. The newly introduced 802.11n packet analysis includes antenna
selection, spatial multiplexing, link adaption, RIFS usage, beamforming,
reverse direction responder, calibration, CSI/steering and high throughput
related information. Yellowjacket B/A/G will also be able to distinguish
greenfield access points, determine 20 MHz and 40 MHz support and LDPC
coding capabilities too.

“In line with Cisco’s recent announcement for next generation 802.11n
wireless availability, we are pleased to offer advanced 802.11n measurement
capability in our Yellowjacket 802.11 b/a/g handheld analyzer.” says Scott
N. Schober, BVS President and CEO.

BVS has been shipping the Yellowjacket 802.11 B/A/G analysis system since
this past May with support for 802.11b, a, g and h standards. All current
Yellowjacket B/A/G owners will receive the 802.11n upgrade free of charge
with new units shipping to customers in Q4.