Rogue Amoeba Unveils Radioshift – Radio On Your Schedule!

Princeton, NJ – Today, Rogue Amoeba is proud to unveil its newest
application, Radioshift. With Radioshift, radio is on your schedule. Like a
personal video recorder (PVR) for radio, Radioshift enables internet and
AM/FM radio to be recorded automatically and listened to at any time.

Radioshift can be used to…

….explore and listen to over 50,000 radio listings from around the world.

….subscribe and automatically record any of thousands of radio programs.

….listen live to thousands of RealAudio, Windows Media, QuickTime, and MP3
streams, all in one player.

The key to Radioshift is its built-in Radio Guide, which enables users to
explore over 50,000 radio listings. While exploring the Guide, users can
listen live to streams without worrying about the format of the stream –
Radioshift supports RealAudio, Windows Media, QuickTime, and MP3 streams,
all in one player. Better still, with a single click, audio can be
subscribed to right from the guide. The audio will then be automatically
recorded whenever it airs, with no difficult setup required. Radioshift
records in the background and has audio ready for listening at any time.

Radioshift is immediately available as a free trial for Mac OS X 10.4 and
up, and can be downloaded from the Radioshift web site. In its trial state,
Radioshift is fully functional but will degrade audio quality after twenty
minutes of playback or recording. Radioshift can be purchased at the Rogue
Amoeba online store for just $32.


Radioshift in action:

Radioshift information link:

Direct download link:

Rogue Amoeba Background

Rogue Amoeba Software, LLC is a privately held software company, based in
the USA with offices around the globe. Since 2002, we’ve been making tools
for Mac OS X to assist you with all your audio needs. In that time we’ve
delighted thousands of users and received some of the highest honors in the
industry. Our product line includes our wildly popular Audio Hijack Pro
audio recording tool, our streamlined audio editor Fission and our AirPort
Express extender Airfoil.

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