Red Lightning Software Unveils DV Monitor, a Software Field Monitor
Solution for Live Video Using Macintosh Computers

New software for Macintosh computers allows videographers to have the
capabilities of a high-end field monitor. With important features
like 1:1 pixel accurate video for fast focusing, exposure zebras,
image flipping for 35mm depth of field adapters, on screen guides,
screen calibrating to NTSC or PAL standards, Mini View window for
customized viewing and zooming.

Potomac, MD (PRWEB) September 13, 2006 — Red Lightning Software LLC.
Announces the immediate availability of DV Monitor software, an
indispensable production tool for professional and amateur
videographers to view live video just like a dedicated field monitor
using Apple Macintosh computers. Written as a universal binary
application, both PowerPC and Intel Mac users will benefit from this

DV Monitor replaces the need for a high end field monitor, offering
more capability at a fraction of the cost. Using an Apple notebook
computer solves the problems of running electrical power, weight, and
bulk that a dedicated field monitor causes.

DV Monitor displays your live video at full resolution, 1:1 pixel
accuracy to allow quick, exact focusing. DV Monitor provides both
High and Low level zebras in camera–accurate YUV color space,
separately or in combination, with user adjustable thresholds. Like a
camera’s zebra system, DV Monitor can indicate potential
overexposures as well as underexposures on the viewing screen.

Users of 35mm lens adapters for shallow depth of field normally have
to jump through hoops to see their image oriented properly, going to
the extreme of modifying their cameras, view finders, or even
flipping over a real field monitor to solve the problem. DV Monitor
provides image flipping on both the horizontal and vertical axes to
meet whatever challenges await.

Using the MINI VIEW window, the camera operator can view critical
image details from 50 to 250% magnification while the main video
display also allows the same magnification range giving a wide
latitude of options to the user in how to monitor the video.

DV Monitor’s on screen guides helps in both composing and keeping the
shot within the usable portion of a standard TV, as DV Monitor shows
the full underscan image. Action and Title Safe guides help keep the
action where it belongs, on the screen. Additionally, users will
benefit from center cross hairs and “the rule of thirds” guides to
help get more interesting compositions.

DV Monitor offers NTSC and PAL users a revolutionary new calibration
setup that requires no prior experience. Perfect calibration can be
obtained in about 30 seconds with our simple yet effective on screen
instructions and only showing the user what they need to see to
perform each calibration step. DV Monitor’s calibration only affects
its windows and it can easily be toggled on and off.

Placing your camera on a Jib arm, Steadicam or hot head no longer has
to be a shot in the dark. Directors and cameramen will love being
able to see the live video without the weight and expense of a
dedicated field monitor. DV Monitor is the perfect tool for an
assistant cameraman to control focus while the cameraman composes
through the camera’s own viewfinder.

DV Monitor will be available immediately for the introductory price
of $129.99 until 11/1/2006, with an MSRP of $149. Macintosh OS X
10.4+ and DV video cameras with Firewire output are required for use.
Please visit Red Lightning Software’s online store to purchase a copy

Red Lightning Software LLC. was founded in 2006 by a team of
dedicated Macintosh developers. Our goal is to provide innovative
solutions with excellent functionality and ease of use for the video

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