Rumpus 4.0 combines the best of Mac OS and Unix to create a professional,
easy-to-use file transfer server.

December 9, 2004 – Rumpus FTP, the premier Internet file transfer server
for Macintosh, is now even better. Rumpus 4.0, released today by Maxum
Development, continues to offer the rock solid FTP services Mac
administrators have relied on for years, but has been redesigned to take
full advantage of Mac OS X.

Administrators will first notice the completely new interface, rewritten
specifically for Mac OS X and reworked to provide clean, simplified and
responsive server management. The new Rumpus application also includes:

* Fast context-sensitive help

* An expanded setup assistant

* Integrated self-diagnosis of common problems

* Quicker, easier access to controls and server reports

While the top-level interface is all new, the biggest changes are
underneath, resulting in a server engine that is faster, more efficient and
more reliable than ever.

* Direct use of BSD sockets

* High-performance threading optimized for single or multi-CPU Macs

* Background operation as a Unix daemon process

Of course, in addition to FTP, Rumpus 4.0 continues to offer and build upon
the popular Web File Manager, the integrated Web service for performing
common FTP tasks through any standard Web browser. Offering extremely
simple file transfers for people who aren’t familiar with FTP, the Web File
Manager has also been thoroughly revised with improved customization
options, superior performance and greater stability.

Rumpus 4.0 Standard Edition is priced at $249, or $79 for an upgrade from
any previous Rumpus version. A Professional Edition for larger
organizations and ISPs is priced at $395, or $129 for the upgrade. In
accordance with Maxum’s “One Year Of Free Upgrades” policy, the update is
free for any Rumpus customer who has purchased the product since May 1,
2003. Maxum will continue to sell and support Rumpus 3.5 for those that
prefer to run Mac OS 8/9.

For complete details, including a free, fully-functional, time-limited
evaluation version, visit the Rumpus home page, at:

Rumpus FTP, first launched in 1997, is the premier file transfer server for
Mac OS. Maxum Development Corp. was the first commercial Internet software
company to release products for Mac OS, and continues to innovate with it’s
line of “Internet Server Essentials”.