iFixit will be live blogging the disassembly of an iPhone immediately after
its release tomorrow, June 29. We will stream live images and descriptions
of the disassembly as we go. Our technicians will also be analyzing the
internals and posting component descriptions and design analysis.

To be notified as soon as we begin disassembly, sign up here:

The live disassembly will also be posted at that address. “We’re excited to
see how Apple’s engineers have crammed so much functionality into an iPod
form factor,” commented Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit. “We’ll be posting
professional images as fast as we can take them, as well as writing
disassembly instructions. We’re using the same AJAX technology to publish
this live guide as we use in our web store.”

iFixit will also release a complete Fixit Guide for the iPhone next week.
This Guide will complement our existing line of Mac and iPod Guides, which
show the reader how to easily access and replace any component in their

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