Get iTunes Videos and Music up to Ten Times Faster

Swarmcast Launches Free Accelerator to Speed Online Video and Music Downloads

Minneapolis, MN — June 19, 2007 — A free tool launched today enables
consumers to download music, movies, TV episodes and other videos from the
iTunes Store more quickly than ever. Autobahn Accelerator for iTunes
eliminates the frustration of waiting many minutes for music and videos to
download and means users can start enjoying their chosen content much

Autobahn Accelerator for iTunes has been developed by Swarmcast
(, the provider of multi-source streaming
technology for high-quality online video delivery. The accelerator
application can be downloaded at ( It is the
first in a series of free applications developed specifically to speed the
download of video content from popular video sites.

Currently, downloading a single TV episode can take up to 25 minutes and up
to five minutes for music downloads depending on the user’s broadband
connection. By installing the Autobahn Accelerator for iTunes once, users
can reduce wait time by up to 90% with every video and music download.
Since Autobahn works well over standard broadband, users can cut download
times without having to increase their broadband connection speed or
upgrade their wireless network.

Autobahn Accelerator for iTunes is easily installed in seconds from
( The small application runs in the background
every time music or videos are downloaded from iTunes. It is also
completely free of adware and spyware. The Autobahn Accelerator is
currently available for users with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and 32-bit
Vista, running Internet Explorer 6 and 7, as well as Firefox. It will also
soon be OS X compatible.

“With more feature-length movies, TV shows and an ever-increasing number of
songs available via iTunes alone, internet music and video are becoming a
daily part of our lives. Unfortunately, waiting for content to download is
also becoming a fact of life,” said Justin Chapweske, founder and CEO of
Swarmcast. “We’re cutting down the waiting times so people can enjoy their
content when they want and where they want. And, for the first time, we’re
making this capability available for free at (”

How does Autobahn Accelerator work?

Autobahn Accelerator is based on multi-source streaming technology
pioneered by Swarmcast. Multi-source streaming provides more reliable
delivery of high quality content by streaming different pieces of music or
video files from multiple sources (such as designated Web servers,
Swarmcast’s network of SwarmMirrors or third party Content Delivery
Networks) at the same time. For live, streaming music and video, these
multiple pieces are assembled in order so that the content can be heard and
viewed as it streams. Multi-source streaming is not based on peer-to-peer
file sharing.

About Swarmcast

Swarmcast is the pioneer and provider of multi-source streaming technology
for the delivery of full-screen broadcast and High Definition quality video
over standard broadband. By removing the quality barrier, Swarmcast is
enabling a new era of Internet video where new types of content are
available and content providers can at last monetize the online video
community. Swarmcast’s multi-source streaming utilizes bandwidth from
multiple servers and aggregates packets of information from each of them in
real-time. Swarmcast enables service providers to deliver high demand
content and live streaming to large-scale global audiences. Swarmcast is
privately held and funded by Bridge Capital Fund (BCF) and Nippon Venture
Capital. For more information about Swarmcast, please visit