From the virtualization industry leader comes VMware Fusion. Simply the
best way to run Windows, Linux, or Solaris and their applications at the
same time as Mac OS X — without rebooting.

Built from the ground up for the Mac, VMware Fusion leverages nearly a
decade of virtualization expertise to harness the full power of your Mac
hardware, while still supporting Windows-only applications, USB 2.0
devices, 64-bit, and accelerated 3D graphics.

Based on feedback from users like you, we’ve made scores of improvements
that make VMware Fusion faster, more reliable and even easier to use.

What’s New with VMware Fusion Beta 4

Unity: Break down the barriers between Windows and Mac OS X leaving the
Windows desktop and Start menu behind. Run Windows XP applications
intertwined with your favorite Mac applications and switch between any
application with command-tab or Expose. Use the VMware Fusion Launch
palette to launch Windows applications eliminating the Start menu and save
your favorite Windows applications to the Mac OS X Dock. Even use Mac
keyboard commands to cut, copy, and paste between Windows and Mac

Boot Camp improvements: You no longer have to choose between Windows or
Mac–run Windows XP or Vista with Mac OS X off your existing Boot Camp
partition. Beta 4 adds experimental support for Microsoft Vista, improves
Boot Camp partition detection, and VMware Fusion automatically updates
Windows to use virtual machine optimized drivers when needed.

Improved performance: Virtual machines boot faster, applications launch
faster from virtual disks, and interactive performance is improved over
previous betas.

Improved user experience: The toolbar is now completely customizable to
meet your needs, virtual hardware has been moved to the status bar, and the
virtual machine hardware editor now is a sheet attached to the virtual

Pricing and Availability

VMware currently plans to make VMware Fusion 1.0 generally available prior
to the end of August 2007 for a suggested retail price of $79.99. As a
special thank you to the beta users who provided us invaluable feedback,
you can pre-order VMware Fusion for $39.99 from (
until the product is generally available*

Over 4 million users already rely on VMware’s award winning, proven
technology. Shouldn’t you be one of them? There is no better way to run PC
applications side-by-side with Mac OS X.

Download VMware Fusion Beta 4 today and pre-order VMware Fusion for $39.95
to save 50%.

– The VMware Fusion Team