Adobe Announces GoLive 9

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the immediate availability of
Adobe GoLive 9 software for professional designers who want to build web
design skills. This intuitive new version empowers non-code savvy design
professionals to create modern, CSS-compliant websites using a visual
interface and design techniques familiar to anyone who knows Adobe InDesign
CS3 software and print layout. Designers can easily incorporate assets from
other Adobe products by copying and pasting formatted content from InDesign
layouts and by embedding native Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe PDF files
as smart objects. With GoLive 9, designers can master the basics of web
design and then grow into building more sophisticated web experiences using
the industry-leading tools in Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 software.

Learn Quickly with an Easy-to-Use Interface

GoLive 9 offers new features to help make the web more accessible to
designers who don’t have a background in HTML or other web technologies. A
visual CSS layout window allows designers to create standards-compliant
code that renders faithfully on the latest browsers. Users can select,
edit, and create objects using familiar tools and techniques and
automatically create CSS-based text styles using character and style
settings similar to those in InDesign.

Work with Other Adobe Applications

GoLive 9 continues to integrate closely with other Adobe graphics
applications. Designers can drag and drop content directly from InDesign
into GoLive, which automatically translates most existing character and
paragraph styles into CSS. Common color settings are maintained from other
applications. Native Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe PDF files can
be placed into GoLive as Smart Objects, which can be cropped and resized

Easily Manage Sites

GoLive 9 helps users manage their websites visually, including tracking,
maintaining, and updating links and files, using an intuitive new Site
Window that works like Adobe Bridge. Designers can also make changes
offline to multiple pages of a site and synchronize them to the web server,
uploading only files that have been modified since the last update. GoLive
supports the latest hardware and operating systems, including Intel and
PowerPC-based Macs running Mac OS X, v. 10.4.8 or PCs running Microsoft
Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Pricing and Availability

Adobe GoLive 9 is now available for purchase as an electronic software
download (ESD) from the Adobe store at ( for US$399.
The upgrade from GoLive 6.0, CS or CS2 is US$169.

For more information, please visit for the GoLive 9 Frequently
Asked Questions document.