From: Tim Rand (
Subject: MacPerl 5.1.4r4 released

Forwarded from the MacPerl mailing list:

After some dramatical last minute developments, the application and MPW
tool packages of MacPerl 5.1.4r4, the first MacPerl release based on 5.004,
are now available on

The rest of the distribution should become available later this week.

5.1.4 05Oct97
– Made Command-. more reliable and also added a menu command for it.
– Expanded toolbox documentation considerably.
– The MPW Tool distribution now simply installs on top of the application
distribution, which makes it a lot smaller [Martin Heller].
– Add %#s format to printf for Pascal strings.
– Rewrote all toolbox interfaces to use strict; introduced a lot more
structs; rewrote hash based structs to object based structs.
– had lost its XFCN resource and thus would no longer work
[Paul Schinder].
– File::Copy::move would sometimes destroy the target file when
the source file didn’t exist.
– Fixed treatment of paths starting with a space [Paul Schinder].
– MacPerl::Pick is now context sensitive: In scalar context, picks
a single item, in array context, picks multiple items
[Brian Matthews]. Also fixed treatment of arrow keys.
– Safe/Opcode modules now should work.
– Compiled without DEBUGGING option, which should speed things up.
This only affects the -D option, not -d.

Matthias Neeracher