Daniel Schwill releases version 1.3 of Tables – the new spreadsheet for Mac

Castrop-Rauxel, Germany, June 01, 2007 – Daniel Schwill today announced the
release of version 1.3 of Tables – the new spreadsheet for Mac OS X.

This version offers among other things the following new features: Charts
of types: pie, line, (stacked) areas as well as (stacked) columns. You can
choose a different language for spell checking for any cell. An autofilter
to easily sort and filter lists. The current selection can be copied as a
simple LaTeX table, HTML (text), PDF, PostScript or TIFF image to the
clipboard. Improved CSV handling including a preview when opening a CSV

Tables 1.3 is available as a free update for all registered customers.

Tables enables you to organise and present data very simply. With Tables
you can not only organise data but also do calculations and comparisons
with it. Add, sum or multiply numbers or process data by using more than
100 functions. Data can not only represent numbers but a date or an amount,
too. Tables offers extensive options to format the data. Format them as
currency, as an amount, as percentage rate, scientifically or with
different date formats. Create visually attractive invoices, lists or
reports and even add some photos, PDF documents or charts to present your
data with great visual impact.

Tables 1.3 requires Mac OS X “Panther” version 10.3.9 and above and is
available for download at (http://www.x-tables.eu). Tables offers a full
functional free 30-day trial. A licence can be purchased from the web-site
for 39 EUR (approximately US$53).

Daniel Schwill, living in Castrop-Rauxel, Germany, is a software engineer
with more than ten years experience in professional software development.
Since 2002, he has been using Objective-C, Cocoa and Mac OS X for his
private software development. On April 1, 2006 he founded his own software
company in Germany. The first commercial product is Tables – the new
spreadsheet for Mac OS X.